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SIVACON S8 Low Voltage Distribution Panel


Safe energy distribution, intelligent data and process management

SIVACON S8 is ready for the challenging tasks of the future and digitalization with its extraordinary features and modular design offering high reliability, safety and flexibility. Data from SIVACON S8 is always available for high-end automation, energy management and Cloud-based analysis systems.

Smart Distribution Board

Distrubute the energy in a smart and safe way

SIVACON S8,  defines new standards for industrial applications and infrastructure as being an energy distribution panel and MCC . It can be adapted in best ways to satisfy all types of needs by means of its modular design

Check our brochure about SIVACON S8 low voltage distribution panel

Reliable low voltage distribution boards in practical applications

SIVACON S8; it is a safe low voltage distribution panel for industrial and infrastructure works. It serves safety for both employees and the system. Thanks to its modular design, it enhances flexibility at a maximum level. The only thing you should do is to design SVACON S8 according to your needs. 

Data Centers
  • SIVACON S8 can be connected with SIVACON 8PS and can be designed back to back. 

  • Flexible Mounting system

  • Ultimate design which provides safety for employee and panel incase of arc failure

Chemistry Facilities

Ultimate safety combines with  flexibility- SIVACON S8  serves you: 

  • SIVACON 8PS connection with confirmed design to the busbar energy distribution system

  • MCC panels with drawers providing flexible montage

  • Smart connection with SIMOCODE pro

  • Connection to automation and energy management systems

Petrollium and Natural Gas Sector

SIVACON S8 has properties that provide safety for employee and panel:

  • Motor Control center with drawers for safety ant flexibility

  • Certificated panel structure for on water facilities. Earthquake test winner  for ultimate system and service safety.

Tall Buildings and Infrastructure Applications

SIVACON S8 enhances an operation with minimum care and reasonable expense at the same time: 

  • For safe and reliable power system, design confirmed connection to SIVACON 8PS busbar energy distribution system

  • Modular design, high flexibility and possibility to enlarge

  • Ultimate design with safety for employee and panel incase of arc failure


An ideal solution when temporal and urgent power supply is needed. SIVACON S8 in integrated to E-House easily

  • Prefabricated network stations with pretests done can start working as soon as they are established in the facility area. 

  • Practical and place saving alternatives are provided for classical switch yards

  • Planning and application with reasonable expense




SIVACON S4 / Low Voltage Distribution Panels up to 4000A

SIVACON S4 is an industrial infrastructural power distribution panel which was designed due to new standards up to 4000 A. In all these alternatives the human and foundation  safety is at ultimate level. By means of optimum design, it gives the opportunity to use it with wide range of varieties for industrial applications and infrastructural works. 

SIVACON S4 power distribution panel offers ultimate level safety with its modern design. for industrial applications and infrastructural work, it provides a steady and simple power distribution which is safe up to 4000A. 

With its updated technology and confirmed standards SIVACON S4 offers maximum level economical productivity. SIVACON S4 flexible bar applications meets the needs of electrical system. Moreover , this power distribution panel guarantees a good expense productivity by means of simplified maintenance guides and well designed air conditioning system. 

SIVACON S4 Technical Specifications


  • Design approval according to IEC 61439-2 (up to 4000A, Icw / Ipk = 100/220kA Type Test Report)

  • Wide forming options from Form1 to Form 4b

  • Thanks to its modular structure, convenience, flexibility and expandability to the installation site

  • Extended protection against internal arcs

  • Ventilation system for higher efficiency and maintenance benefits

  • Internal arc resistant locking system

  • Possibility of input/output with cable or busbar from top/bottom

  • Bar position possibilities at Top / Middle / Back / Bottom

  • IP30 • IP31 • IP40 • IP41 • IP55 protection class options



Compact Panels AE

Internationally validated confirmation and certificates 


Rittal products have several international certificates and approvals also they are proper for international quality standards. All the components are subjected to the most strict tests due to the international norms and instructions. Never changing high product quality is provided through an extensive quality managing system. the routine production controls made by external testing associations guarantees the conformation of international standards. 

Thanks to the multi-edged body protection grooves, dirt and water ingress is prevented when the door is opened, providing excellent protection.

Rittal Panel Features


  • Optimum protection against corrosion thanks to the three-layer body surface

  • Consistently high protection thanks to the perfect PU foam seal

  • Thanks to polygonal water slots for perfect protection which prevents dirt and water entry  when opening the door 

  • Perforated back panel ready for easy wall mounting, wall mounting bracket or direct wall mounting

  • Maximum flexibility in cable routing is ensured as sheet steel cable entry plates can be replaced with pre-drilled plates

  • Special depth structure thanks to rails for interior fittings

  • Quick door hinge change without the need for mechanical processing in single-door enclosures

  • Perforated mounting strips on the door allow easy and quick installation of accessories such as support strips or cable tray holders.

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