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Promeda Academy


In order for an institution to be strong and long-lasting, on the one hand, it must work with educated, elite and qualified individuals, on the other hand, the individuals working must be aware of the capabilities, expertise and experience of the institution they work for. For this reason, there is a constant dialectical relationship between the institution and its employees. As the institution develops, the working individual will develop, and as the working individual develops, it will contribute to the development of the institution.

Since Promeda knows that the values of the employees are directly related to the value of the institution, it is closely interested in the education, training and development of its employees. For this purpose, he established the Promeda Academy.

While the Academy program increases the professional competencies, technical knowledge, professional awareness, management and leadership skills of working individuals, it is also closely interested in their individual development.

The trainings included in the academy curriculum have been prepared in cooperation with universities and professional training companies, in addition to the managers and experts of the company.

Promeda academy education categories

Project management

Material information

Project Design

Time management



Engineering Management

Industry 4.0

Business Development

Information Management



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