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Engineering and Ethics


Together with the Industrial Revolution, there became an unusual occupation type called engineer within its history. 

Engineer is the person who makes machines, produces, developes, solves, calculates, fixes, controls, designs, plans, in short makes benefits. Another approach is the person who dedicates natural substances and the efforts to people by manipulating smartly the knowledge derived from experiencing and implementing Math and nature sciences in order to have a better life. 

this is the answer to how I should live. as long as it is directed to supernatural unknown beginnings it is wrong, as long as it stays within the casualty principle of nature, it is right. 

As it is seen clearly, honor correlates with math and natural sciences in the limits of intelligence in order to relate with public life just because they are both in struggle for making benefits for the society. 

Whenever people ignore using their mind which is the basic characteristic of human especially about morals, engineer stops making benefits as it is the basic purpose but starts making money. 

In such societies the very simple penalty of honor , sense of shame isn’t seen or occurs in unhealthy  ways. For instance an engineer might see it preferential if it is legally right or wrong rather than caring about scientific rules. That is to say, when he needs to be ashamed for he knows that he lies, he prefers to think whether the lie is legal or not. 

In such societies it is common that there are several laws to let people learn right or wrong through laws. Unfortunately the people don’t care about right or wrong unless they are caught because they don’t have the sense of shame. 

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