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Promeda Equals


The inequality between man and woman is a significant issue which has to be solved for humanity. ıt is impossible to accept the world where little girls are taken from school for marriage by force, women have limited job opportunities and the violence against women became part of daily life. 

we can understand that the situation is very bad and tragic when we think about the slogan always said during UN meetings and on 8th March world women day :’ Taking women and girls under safety is performing the most important human right’. What worse than this is declaring it occasionally even if we are not aware the significance of it. 

If we put  the nonprofit words aside like The size of inequality in global statistics, international desires, sustainable economy and the importance of women in social development….

As Promeda 

We think that strengthening the women in society, taking it as a must to educate women and girls are the most significant components. Therefor we adopt the approach of positive discrimination for women’s advantage in all our foundations. 

In Promeda
Our general manager is a woman and the ratio of women with white collar is %48
In Olten Art Association
Our CEO is a woman and the ratio of the women employees is %60

In Olten Philharmonic Orchestra 
The director of the council is woman and the ratio of the women artists is %65

According to World Economic Forum The Global ; the women have to wait 100 years for having equal rights with man and 257 years for having equal income. 

Therefor we as Promeda we adopt the positive discrimination approach because we believe that this is the only way for balancing the inequality which has been for 5 thousand years. 

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