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From the World Economic Forum Gender Equality 2020 Report

Turkey Among 153 Countries in Gender
For women to have equal rights with men, at least 100 years
Minimum of Equal Pay with Men 
257 years must pass
Ratio of women among independent board members in BIST-100 companies 17.7%
Number of female members on the board of directors of 152 of 402 companies in BIST 0
Ratio of women in managerial positions 17.3%

From TÜİK Reports

Number of women who are not included in the workforce because they are busy with housework 11 million 549 thousand
Male Employment Rate 65.7%
Female Employment Rate 29.4%
Total Employment Rate in the Industry Sector 26.5%
Male Employment Rate 31.4%
Female Employment Rate 15.6%

Gender Discrimination Takes Places In Veiled Forms

Woman constantly interrupted at meetings, taking notes, answering phones, serving cake and tea at office celebrations.
The woman whose adjective ambitious is used to slander rather than compliment. The woman who is expected to always please people, smile and be grateful.
A woman who received training and sponsorship support, but could not rise in management and could not enter the board of directors.
A woman who is constantly talked about menopause, her particular day, her private life, make-up, clothes, weight, and who is condemned as aggressive and neurotic.
The Engineer is a woman who has to get used to the implications of 'there anyone who understands business?' the Manager is a woman who is not liked much, and if she is calm, she is not seen as suitable for leadership.
If she is not a mother who is exposed to maternity pumping, she is hit in the face, if she is a mother, she is crushed under the pressure of the holy motherhood, and if she is a mother-to-be, how much work she can do is questioned.
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